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Brazil. A Black and White Thread - Solo Exhibition in Moscow

Обновлено: 8 мар. 2020 г.

Solo Exhibition "Brazil. A Black and White Thread" - Iberoamerican Institute Moscow

On 29th of january 2020 in the Iberoamerican Institute in Moscow was opened my exhibition "Brazil. A Black and White Thread". Together with my travel partner Cristiane Araujo da Silva from Brazil and Tatyana Yudova (Iberoamerican Institute) we opened the exhibition of 28 black and white photos (25x25). The pictures were taken during a trip from the brazilian capital Brasilia to the port town Vitória and capital of state Espírito Santo in 2018.

Cristiane Araujo da Silva told about the history and culture of Ouro Preto, the ancient centre of Minas Gerais region were thousands of african slaves had to toil in the gold and diamond mines. In her speech she also commemorated her own ancestors, who were slaves, only two generations back.

During discussion with the audience were touched several topics about photography. Among them was the psychological sensivity of people in different countries, who are photographed by street photographers. But it was difficult to find out, whether people are different. Generally exists a new kind of "being watched", which probably arised from the social media, which give people the feeling of constant surveillance.

The event was passing in a friendly and inspiring atmosphere, thanks to the professional support of Institute director Tatyana Evgrafova and her very motivated and caring crew.

© Photos and Invitation card by Eugen von Arb

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