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My Way to Work - Solo Exhibition in Wolfen (Germany)

Обновлено: 8 мар. 2020 г.

2019 (February-May) solo exhibition “My way to work”, Film Museum Wolfen, Germany (Photography).

On 16th of february 2019 in the exhibition rooms of the Film- und Industrie-Museum at Wolfen was opened my first personal exhibition "My Way to Work - photographies of a swiss in St. Petersburg". Director Uwe Holz hold his opening speech and took a short "interview" with me as a author.

In the exhibition were shown 60 baryt-prints (30x40) with street shots, taken in the period between 2016-2018. This project and exhibition marks my come back to analogue black and white photography after more than 10 years of pure digital pictures.

This project includes photos of my daily duty stroke in St. Petersburg. During this three years-period the way through the russian megapolis changed two times, but it was always lasting about one hour - by feet, bus and subway. The photos were taken during all four seasons - but as generally known, the northern russian summer is very short and the other nine months are rainy and with bad weather.

Although the way to work is always some kind of routine, in russian cities you always can meet special situations of social life in parks and streets. Even in the most urban districts seems to be preserved some kind of "village life".

This project could be realized only thanks of the great support of my dear friends and colleagues Sebastian Köpcke and Volker Weinhold from Berlin. www.sammlungsfotografen.de

I'm very greatful to the museum staff for its professional and friendly accompaniment (Andrea Maehl) and the financial support of the museum's promotional association (Förderverein des Museums), which made it possible to realize this dream of mine.


© Photos and invitation card by Sebastian Köpcke.

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